In order to co-operate with our customers, first we need to understand their need. As shown co-generation have done your analysis and summarized it in the shown GIF. The Utility tariff have been increasing annually since 2012, it have multiplied more than  4 times in the last 4 years. As announced by IMF, Egypt is undergoing an economic reform program. In which the authorities have adopted reducing inefficient electricity and fuel subsidies, which will reflect an increase in electricity prices. The minister of electricity and renewable energy announced the beginning of a subsidies free strategy from 2016 to end in 2022.

How much is expected for the tariff 2022? Taking into consideration the average electricity price0.22 US cents, as well as the feed-in-tariff programs contracted by the government 2.8 EGP/kWh.  Co-generation conducts its feasibility studies on 2.5 EGP/kWh.

ON-GRID Solution

Electricity at the flick of a switch

Net-Metering on-grid system is a new announced system regulated by the Egyptian utility company since 2014. The system allows exchanging the electricity between the solar plant & the utility grid in which the grid acts as a free battery with 100% efficiency and low maintenance while providing unlimited ‘on demand’ energy. Your Building is hooked up to both the utility grid and your Smart PV plant, so the electricity will always be available even at night or in the cloudy days.

The electricity bill will be calculated through a net meter that will keep you free of charge (zero Monthly bills). By day, the PV system will provide your factory with electricity during the day and unused power is exported to the grid through the net-meter. By night, your factory consumption is supplied from the grid also through the net meter. At the end of each month, the net-meter will calculate the consumption and production. If it’s positive, it will accumulate till the end of the year then you will be granted a bank check. If it’s negative, you’ll pay only the values which will always be one of the least brackets. Here’s a link to the governmental regulation of such On grid system.

This is why solar electricity is so attractive. You can download a feasibility study now for your building, by entering your bill & space.


The On-grid system consists of:

PV Panel

Main component which transform sun’s irradiance to Direct Current electricity.


converts the DC output power to an AC power 220V or 380V.


The chassis that holds the PV panel with an inclination to the horizon.

Other components

Cablings, Protections, Net-meter


25 Years performance warranty

4-6 years payback

Save 240 times your monthly bill

0.7 LE/kWh

20% Return on Investment

Increase your entity Resale by 17%

650 tree planted Save the environment

25 Years contract

How much will it cost to build a solar on-grid system?

Roughly, the cost of a solar on-grid system is equal to your monthly bill in 5 years. With co-generation, you can your monthly bill as installments

Why install solar on-grid System Now?

Solar is a free source of energy, in which the sun irradiance is your fuel. It’s not logical to keep paying money on fuels while you have the sun, Start taking advantage of this free source of energy. Panel prices will begin to rise due to the demand on it. The governments will keep rising its tariffs, as the fossil fuels are vanishing

Is my Factory suitable for a solar system? How much does it cost?

The calculator will provide an initial quotation for your factory. Then, we will need to make a site survey to design the system and illustrate the exact feasibility study.

Will my solar system work at night and on cloudy days? What about the winter?

Egypt irradiance photo. Yes, your solar system will work at night through the net-meter. Also it will work on the cloudy and rainy days because the panels absorb the sun’s irradiance. It works better in the winter due to the lower temperature as it’s manufactured to work at 25C nominal temperature.

What maintenance does the system require?

The PV systems are a low maintenance systems, it will only need a weekly cleaning and quarterly precaution check on the system.